Carmen Wilder

River of Fire

"River of Fire" is a new Wilder song written by Bill Bruce and Carmen for the new upcoming box set. This is a rough mix and, of course, a pre-master version, but will give you an idea of what they're up to right now. Bill and Carmen recorded the rhythm section and lead guitars well a year ago, and Carmen sang all of the vocal tracks in the fall of 07. Jimmy Pitts' keyboard tracks were recorded in January, and finishes up all of the pre-production of the song. Once the rest of the songs for the record are finished (four songs lack keyboards, one some guitar leads) mixing on all of the songs will begin, probably sometime in May or June.

Of all the songs on the new record, "River of Fire" is the most current, newest WILDER song as of February 2008. It features the usual guitar acrobatics by Bill with some really tasteful lead work that pleases the radio crowd and the head bangers alike, and some of Jimmy Pitts' (aka Yngwie Liberace) inhuman keyboard magic. Carmen's bass work punches through in this song nicely with some of his typical melodic runs that stray far from the first four frets and weave a colorful counter-tapestry to the guitars and keys. Carmen's voice has an aggressive sensibility in this song that wreaks of having first-hand knowledge of the subject matter in the lyric.

"The song was written semi-autobiographically about a conglomeration of relationships" says Carmen. "It represents the emotions that go along with trying to meet somebody more than half way, crossing to their side, being diplomatic and logical, focused on their feelings...and they push you into the abyss anyway. And while you're drowning they reach out with one hand and hide a knife behind their back in the other. I'm happy to say I've only had a few of those, but I think we've all had one or two. Sometimes it's time to walk away and save yourself from drowning." We at hope you like the tune.


I stand on the river's edge
and gaze across at you in wonder.
Just you and me with nothing in between.
Deceptions from your lips,
ones that kissed me like no other,
have run the river dry & our bed is empty.

Every promise fuels the heat
in your river of deceit.
Still, I run onto the bridge you're burning.
The dam has crumbled under me,
our love has washed into the sea.
Don't you see the tides are turning?

River of fire.

Embracing all your lies again,
drowning in the love I'm in &
Deep words from your shallow,
burned out, blackened heart.

You're reaching out your hand,
it's time I understand
to save myself I've got to let you go.
As you watch me going down
I still stand on higher ground.
It's been over since our very first hello.

Your love is burning me down.
Your lies are turning me around.
Your eyes they're telling me
what I need to know.
Your love is burning me.
Your lies are turning me.
Your eyes they tell me that I need to go.

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