Carmen Wilder

Ms Mysterious

This song is one of ten songs recorded in early 2000 that went on the shelf for nearly a decade. Bill and Carmen began work on an album to be entitled "2 the Point" in late 1999 when other projects pulled them away from the Rock for a while. In mid 2004 WILDER went into the studio to lay down two new tracks, "River of Fire" and "I Won't Say Goodbye", and also resumed production on the album. This is the most recent rough (pre master) mix hot off the board.

"Ms Mysterious and the other nine tracks were pretty much done, lacking only keyboards. And really, at the time, I'm not sure we even planned to add them. But I met Jimmy, and all that changed. I know a lot of head bangers think keyboards don't belong in hard rock music, but I hope when they hear Jimmy's fingers smoking through some of these tracks they can appreciate the shredding going on there."

Indeed, this track contains a symphony of nicely layered keys that add to the dramatic cadence of the song, yet allow the guitars to crunch through massively. Reminiscent of old Rainbow albums of the mid-80's, the trading of leads between Bill and Jimmy are both energetic and anthemic with some beautiful scales played fast and melodic. These guys make it sound easy.

Of the subject matter of the song Carmen writes "This is one of many songs I've written that speak to the elusiveness of the kind of romance we all dream of at one time or another. It's kind of the Ladyhawke syndrome, where you know there's someone in some alternate, parallel universe that longs for you as much as you do them, but you can only cross over in your dreams or fantasies." Indeed, two other songs on the new record mirror this theme, "Out of Sync" and "Love's a Killer", albeit they with a perhaps different, less optimistic slant to the concept. Carmen's self-harmonies and backing vocals are very tasty on this rocker. Hope you enjoy the song.

The Lyrics: Ms Mysterious

She comes to me every night.
In dreams softly whispers,
"it'll soon be alright".
I close my eyes.
I never can resist her.

1) Though I know she's just a dream,
I know she waits for me.

2) She was a dream to me,
but now she's reality.

3) As I rendezvous with fate,
I know it's never too late.

Ms Mysterious, you are my fantasy.
Ms Mysterious, oh, but you're real to me.
Ms Mysterious, don't leave me lonely,
Ms Mysterious. Take me in your arms tonight.

I'm lost in a forest of dreams.
She takes my hand,
we walk through the trees...
and the shadows are gone,
but she's still holding on.

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