Carmen Wilder

Wilder does Elton John Part II: Your Song

"It's a little bit funny" hearing screamer Carmen Wilder soothingly croon Elton John, but here it is for you to decide if it works. Recorded for the "Karma" album, it was ixnayed in favor of "Candle In The Wind" and has languished for over a decade in the vault. The site is a perfect place for you to hear it, so here it is. The song was originally recorded for the singer's mother for Christmas of the year the record came out, a gold, one-off CD encased in an oak box and wrapped in red velvet. The other cut was recorded as a christmas gift for his former wife, an avid Marilyn Monroe fan. After the holidays it was decided the band would include one of the songs on Sorry My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma.

After reviewing both Elton John songs, do you think the producers picked the right one? Email us and vote on which you would have included if forced to choose, or would you decided not to choose and publish both? If there are enough worthy of tally we will publish the results in a later article.

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